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Clive Richards Tree Surgery

02 - Feb - 2010

The Best for Tree Surgery in Sussex


Tree Surgery in Sussex

Roots Removal In Sussex

Welcome to Clive Richards Tree Surgery

Looking for tree surgery in Sussex? Well look no further than the specialist services offered by Clive Richards Tree Surgery. With over 28 years of experience in the trade, you can count on me to provide a professional service at an affordable rate to all.

Tree Surgery in Worthing

Whether you're in need of a site clearance in Sussex or tree pruning in Horsham, call on the services of Clive Richards Tree Surgery when you need someone to remove a troublesome tree. I cover all aspects of tree surgery from initial surveys to pruning, trimming and the removal of a tree and its stump & its roots. So when you need help with tree felling in Worthing, call on me for all aspects of tree surgery in Sussex.

Excellent Customer Service

I am based in Slinfold, Horsham and I cover tree surgery within a 20 mile radius. I offer excellent rates for all my services and I am fully insured. Whether you need tree felling in Horsham or tree removal and site clearances, you can count on me to provide a high level of customer service to all. I can provide fast and free quotations to all customers and you will always receive a professional, friendly service. Since the establishment 28 years ago of my company, I have had many repeat customers thanks to my high level of customer service. In fact, some of our customers back then still call me now.

Tree Removal in Horsham

So when you need tree pruning in Horsham or a site clearance in Sussex, give Clive Richards Tree Surgery a call today. You can reach us via our handy contact page or through any of the numbers listed to the side of the screen. If you're on the lookout for tree surgery in Sussex, give me a call.

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